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Valhalla was the second Rune Pure & Tank clan in RuneScape, officially founded in early 2007, with it being in the works throughout 2006. At the time, only one other such clan existed (Higher Force); T H E Do0rs founded the clan with the vision of creating an alternative to this clan. Starting out as an east-dragons PK team, Valhalla quickly established its dominance and had many competitive rivalries in both Pre-EoC and OSRS.

In its final chapter in OSRS, Valhalla established itself as not only the best and last Rune Pure clan in game after defeating and closing its rivals, but as a force to be reckoned with in the P2P clan world amongst the biggest names in the clan world. They also maintained a thriving community, with the second most active forums below Reign of Terror's.

Presently, a "sister" clan, Avalon, exists for those still wanting to be a part of the community. In many ways, it is "the" Rune Pure & Tank community, as it is the only clan containing veterans of the original community & contains Leaders of Higher Force, Valhalla, Phalanx, and Anarchy, Empyrean of OSRS.

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requriments for vh?

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everytime i come on here it has "X" in the requirement part so i cant see anything on the side. was wondering what are the requriments?  because i have a tank and a pure. 


ty lol

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