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Looking for a Rune Pure/ Tank clan on OSRS with many ex VH/HF members?



Spies - Payments/Benefits [Rank Archive]

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Guidelines/Payment Info:

  • Spy should be in the clan for at least 3 weeks.
  • Spy paid a flat rate of 5m per week (as long as they're active)
  • 1M per good hit (resulting in 5+ deaths). 2M per "gwas" (a rush resulting in most if not all enemy deaths)
  • 1M per teamviewer session 
  • Ideal amount of hits would be 2+ on weekdays 1+ on weekends
  • Spy should be very responsive with informing us. Once AR/EY starts a trip we should know. We should be kept updated with exact locations by the minute.

Benefits for spying:

  • Auto-accept as Trial Member (accepted within 1-2 days of posting)
  • Expedited trial period (2 weeks and 5 events)
  • For "elite" spies, e.g those who spy long-term (3+ months) and are very effective we may accept straight to full member, skipping the trial period.



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