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Shodoku - Volume I - Mirai

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I used to be a Valhalla member quite some years back and recently made a PK video so thought it might be worth a share on here. I know the clan is closed and the forum looks inactive, but I wondered if there were any old members still about who might remember me and think the video might be worth a watch?

I also posted this on RSC, but it looks to be very inactive these days.

Warning: 1 defence, not 45.

After 9 years since my last PK Video on here, I have put another one together of clips I have gathered from the limited on and off PK'ing I have been doing on OSRS.

Despite OSRS meant to be based on RS as of 2007, the game is still different and I haven't really managed to adapt to this iteration or 'meta' of what PK'ing has become. However, I decided to put this together and share on here since it has been so long since I had made anything. 

Shodoku - Volume I - Mirai

Download (212.3mb)


I have provided a Vimeo link for viewing (due to it being blocked on YouTube) and a Mega link for downloading (if anyone wishes to do so).



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RSC is nearly as dead as these forums m8





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I remember you


Old school direct download link...respek



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