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Valhalla was the second Rune Pure & Tank clan in RuneScape, officially founded in early 2007, with it being in the works throughout 2006. At the time, only one other such clan existed (Higher Force); T H E Do0rs founded the clan with the vision of creating an alternative to this clan. Starting out as an east-dragons PK team, Valhalla quickly established its dominance and had many competitive rivalries in both Pre-EoC and OSRS.

In its final chapter in OSRS, Valhalla established itself as not only the best and last Rune Pure clan in game after defeating and closing its rivals, but as a force to be reckoned with in the P2P clan world amongst the biggest names in the clan world. They also maintained a thriving community, with the second most active forums below Reign of Terror's.

Presently, a "sister" clan, Avalon, exists for those still wanting to be a part of the community. In many ways, it is "the" Rune Pure & Tank community, as it is the only clan containing veterans of the original community & contains Leaders of Higher Force, Valhalla, Phalanx, and Anarchy, Empyrean of OSRS.

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Valhalla Ranks & Titles

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@Leader The highest rank in the clan. Leaders control all aspects of the clan and have the final say in all leadership/clan decisions. Ultimately, they're responsible for keeping everything in the clan running smoothly.


«High Council - High Council is a high ranking administrative position. Their roles and responsibilities are similar to those assumed by Leaders, but they're second in command - you can think of them as unofficial co-leaders.


+Warlord  - Warlord is a high ranking position given to our most experienced members who specialize in TS calling, leading PK trips, and setting up fights with other clans. They're a more administrative step up from PK Leader.





~Council - Council is an official rank given to more administrative oriented members. They assist the leadership with basic responsibilities, help with administrative tasks, and give their input in clan matters. 


»Pk Leader - Pk Leader is an official rank given to more in-game/combat orientated members. Pk Leaders are chosen for their experience and ability to call on TS and lead PK trips when a Warlord is absent.  








Member of the Month - MotM is an award given each month to members who have proven to be a model member of the clan through activeness, conduct, and dedication, among other outstanding qualities. Along with the title, they receive half-op in our IRC channels for the month.





+Elite Member - Elite Member is the highest member rank achievable. Elites embody all the key aspects of a great member: exceptional activity, high stats, loyalty, and recruitment. Benefits of this rank include half-op in IRC, kicking power in our public clan chat, priority in matched fights, among other things. A member can hold both Elite and a seniority rank (Old School/Senior) simultaneously if eligible. 


Old School - To be considered Old School, you must have spent at least one year consecutively as a full member during the RS2 era of Valhalla (2007-2011). In addition, you need to have been a full member on OSRS for at least 3 months to establish yourself with the current member-base.

Senior Member - 6 months with the clan (consecutive) and 500 posts on the forums.



All three of the above "veteran" ranks are considered to be privileges and can be revoked if the leadership deems necessary. They do not represent authority over regular members and are meant to display status and accomplishment. 





Member Those who complete their trial period and pass member voting receive this title.

Trial Member Those who have had their Trial Member application accepted are given this rank. Trials demonstrate through activeness, demeanor, and PKing ability that they're fit to become a Valhalla Member.




Legend - Legend is a rank that is very rarely rewarded. It's reserved exclusively for those who have served as high ranking officials over extensive periods of time, and have established themselves as a key and vital influence in the clans leadership and history. It's the highest honor for former members and considered to be a very exclusive rank; simply having held the ranks of HC or Leader doesn't entitle one to Legend. This rank is only given to those who meet the above criteria, but are not active enough to play RS or rejoin officially.


Retired This title is reserved for former officials and long standing core members who have quit the game and retired from the clan honorably. They maintain privileged access so they can continue to interact with the community and attend events when available. When able to be active and rejoin they're allowed to skip the application process and go straight to full member.





Moderator - Moderator isn't considered to be an official rank, and is very rarely given out. It's sometimes given to former officials who can't be active enough to be a rank, but who still want to assist with very basic responsibilities. 


Mentor - Mentor is a secondary member title given to members who assist the leadership with intros and new applicants. They help guide newcomers through our application process.


Special Guest Special guest is given to former members of the clan who left on good terms, VIPs, or normal guests who are very active within the community.





Overlord / Administrator - "Owners" and guardians of the clan, equivalent to the status of Leader if the clan were active. They were vital leadership/administrative figures throughout Valhalla's history and collectively hold the rights to the clans name and assets. Any future activities related to the clan are subject to a vote amongst them.


Legend - Given to existing Legends and high ranking officials upon closure. See the above definition for more in-depth explanation of what Legends are (under "retired ranks").


Moderator - "Hero" with some extra abilities, basically. Given mostly to trusted ex officials, not often used.


Hero - The "Ending Member" rank, essentially. Heroes made our successes on OSRS possible and were the lifeblood of the clan. This rank symbolizes that and recognizes them for their service. Given to all active Members/Ranks/Retireds at the time of closure, but considered a privilege that can be revoked should admins find it necessary.


Honored Ex-VH - Ex-VH who played a significant role in RS2, but not OSRS (Those who served in OSRS and "Retired" received Hero upon closure). 



In-game clan chat ranks:



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